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How do I get started?

Getting started is easy - takes less than a minute! Use GageList as long as you want to manage up to 25 gages. If you need to add more gages or features, just upgrade your plan.

If you need a Premium plan now, simply visit our Pricing page and select the plan that fits your needs. You’ll be routed back here to complete the registration process.

What do I get?

Simply put, you get calibration software built for the 21st century. Robust enough to handle global organizations, yet priced to also be AFFORDABLE for small businesses.

GageList allows UNLIMITED USERS on every account. Add as many users as you want. (Seriously, you’ll never be held back by expensive seat licenses again. Nice, huh?)

With GageList, you get MOBILITY, PORTABILITY and FREEDOM to manage your calibration program the way you want. Your unlimited users can manage gage records from wherever they are; they’re not tied to a desktop somewhere. Use GageList on any device in responsive mode or download GageList Mobile for iOS or Android.

We provide EXCELLENT SUPPORT. GageList is so intuitive you probably won’t need help to figure it out. But if you do, we have video tutorials, an excellent knowledgebase, free email and phone support for all users, and concierge-level service to get you up and running. We don’t force you to pay for expensive training. Instead, we eliminate barriers that stand in the way of your success.

How about migrating from my current system?

Nothing makes us happier than helping customers migrate away from a complicated, outdated system into the peaceful, relaxing world of GageList. Depending on the system you’re migrating from and the size of your gage list, you’ll probably be able to migrate yourself, quickly and easily. If you do need a little help (or even a lot), we offer Data Migration Concierge Service to get you into the GageList family.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!